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“Stay the Course" - Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - Dianne Prince

He [Jesus] said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!” 15 The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother. Luke 7:14  (NIV)

In our scripture today, Jesus is headed to a city called Nain. His disciples and a crowd of people are with Him. As they enter the city, another crowd crosses their path. Now this crowd was being led by a grieving mother. She was on the way to the cemetery to bury her only son. She had already lost her husband. And now she has lost her only son. Her situation is enough to cause anyone to lose hope. Her livelihood is gone. Her protection is no longer with her. She is hurt and broken emotionally. I imagine she is wondering how in the world she is going to make it.

When Jesus saw the woman, the Bible says He felt her grief. He felt her sorrow. And He felt her pain. So, He touched the casket and demanded the dead son to arise. At Jesus’ command, the son sat up. He spoke. And Jesus delivered the son to His mother.

I am glad today we serve a God of compassion. We serve a God of mercy. And, we serve a God of grace. I am excited we serve a God who is everywhere, who knows all things and who has all power. I am elated we serve a God who knows all about our struggles. He knows all about our challenges. He knows all about our pain, and He has the power to do something about it.

When it looks like your situation is final, is when God does steps in and shows His powerful hand. It is when he performs an unexpected but favorable act. It is when He performs His greatest work. God specializes in resurrecting dead circumstances. When it appears the coffin has been nailed shut and there is no way out, God steps in and reverses things in your favor. The widow thought things were over. She though the death of her son was final. But look at God. When Jesus crossed her path, things turned around. The encouragement for you today is, as long as you have life, there is always one more chapter to be written. There is always one more scenario to be played out. There is always one more blessing God has for you.

How many times have you heard the words, “Child, the Lord knows what you are going through?” How many times have you heard one of these phrases: “hang in there,” “trust in the Lord,” or “things are going to get better?” How many times have you heard the advice, “just keep the faith”, “just pray about it,” or “just trust in God?” How many times have you heard people say to you, “Jesus will fix it after while,” “God is just testing you,” or “God knows all about it?”

As a child of God, you know God knows all about your situation, but sometimes you just do not feel his presence. You know he has not left you, but you do not feel that assurance down in your spirit. As much as you know God has not left you, sometimes your soul gets restless. You are not at peace in your mind. Your circumstance has gone on too long. You are tired of struggling. You are tired of dealing with mess. You are tired of dealing with mishaps. You are tired of dealing with stress. You are tired of being sick, tired of struggling financially, tired of dealing with issues brought into the family by your loved ones, and you are tired of waiting to see what the end will be. I encourage you to keep waiting. Keep believing. Keep trusting. And, Keep standing in expectation of a better day. Why? Just like Jesus crossed the path of the widow when she least expected it, He will do the same for you. Just like He resurrected the widow’s dead son, He will resurrect your dead situation.

Whatever your challenge is today, Jesus sees. Jesus knows. Jesus hears. And Jesus has compassion. Jesus’ specialty is making dead things come alive. All it takes is a word from Him and circumstances will turn around for the better.

Do not be moved by what things look like, by what people are saying, or by what they are not saying. Why? It is not over until Jesus says it is over.

Do not loose hope. Do not give up and do not give in to a hopeless condition. But, be encouraged today. Why? What you see is not the end of your story. Jesus gets the final word.

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